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I’m James, a personal trainer and online coach. I believe that fitness should be enjoyable and sustainable, and that’s why I adapt my approach to suit your individual needs, preferences, and goals; whether you’re looking to build strength, increase mobility, lose weight, or simply improve your overall well-being, I’m here to support you every step of the way. I use a multi-modal training approach – work with me and see how much you can do with a single kettlebell and set of bands within the space of a fitness mat.

Home Training Bundle

Robust is founded upon the belief that anyone can improve their health and fitness, to robust themselves for whatever life throws at them – This is where Robust Fitness comes in. Here to help you reach your fitness goals! Perhaps you’re wondering what is a healthy diet? Maybe you need support in establishing consistency. This can now all be achieved from the comfort of your own home – Robust Fitness offers a comprehensive functional fitness equipment bundle, with this you’ll receive a free 20min Online consultation, and a bespoke 4-week training program tailored from that conversation. What does being robust mean to you?



Equipment bundle

Fitness Mat

Our fitness Mat offers the best comfort in your fitness and mobility routine. Our mats boast a larger width of 66cm (5cm wider than the average mat), making it perfect for performing a wider range of exercises.

Competition Kettlebell

Our elite standard competition kettlebells are perfect for anyone wanting to elevate their workouts and add diversity to their fitness regime. All our bells meet both national and international kettlebell sports requirements.

Fitness Bands

Effective, durable, portable home gym equipment that can help to improve your strength and range of motion across all major muscle groups.


Online Consultation

During this 20-minute consultation we’ll delve into your fitness history; It's an opportunity for us to connect on a personal level, forming the foundation of a partnership that will empower you on your wellness journey. We'll then address considerations such as any past injuries or limitations that might need to be navigated. Beyond your physical journey, we'll delve into the nuances of your daily life; how do you manage stress? What does your sleep routine look like? What fuels your body? Your lifestyle plays a significant role in your fitness aspirations and understanding it will empower us to tailor a plan that seamlessly integrates into your world. But, above all else, we'll focus on your fitness goals. Your goals are the compass that will guide our journey together.


Bespoke program

  1. A bespoke training program designed around your goals, ability, and lifestyle; the program will be delivered on an app with a full video library of exercises for your reference.
  2. Nutritional guidance and support.
  3. A weekly check-in to discuss progress and any potential adjustments required.
We provide busy people with the equipment and plan to Robust themselves against anything life throws at you, all from the comfort of your own home.